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Teamwork is the cornerstone of our success.  Every significant Veterans NW accomplishment has been achieved through teamwork that extends beyond our Veterans NW staff and encompasses our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, design consultants, and others who contribute in large and small ways. 


Our commitment to teamwork is founded on our belief that each person and organization has something valuable to contribute; that no matter the extent of talent and experience, there remains the potential for missing something that a teammate might catch; and that the power of synergy makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.


The tenure of our employees; the enduring business relationships we enjoy with clients; consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers; and the success of our projects is the greatest evidence of the high value we place on teamwork.



At Veterans NW we work tirelessly to assemble a staff of the most experienced and qualified individuals.  But the effort spent to hire the right people is eclipsed by our effort to help our talented individuals forge themselves into a family of professionals.

We rely on training to ensure that every staff member understands their roles and responsibilities as well as the best practices and resources to fulfill them.  We challenge and encourage our staff to set professional goals and to take advantage of continuing education opportunities – to improve for the sake of themselves and the team.

As we work together, our systems and procedures give us confidence in achieving the level of communication and coordination necessary to move toward and attain our shared goal of excellence.  But functioning as a team requires affinity within the team. So, we help to foster the kinship that leads to community by creating space for our staff to not only enjoy working together, but also to enjoy being together.

As a team our staff consistently delivers a higher level of quality, safety, and timeliness.





When you hire Veterans NW you become more than a client.  Our clients are partners who share common quality, safety, and timeliness goals.  We also view our clients as essential team members who are uniquely equipped to help us understand their needs and expectations and, at times, help us to meet them.

Although our systems and procedures have been developed around rigorous Navy and Corps of Engineers requirements, we work with our client partners to adapt our ways to meet their needs.

We believe that partnering is more than a meeting.  Partnering is an ongoing commitment to communicate, understand, execute and, in challenging phases of a project, to be reminded of our common goals.

We are committed to establishing clear lines of communication in the form of regular status meetings and meetings at critical transitions to ensure full and continued understanding and responsiveness throughout the project.



Veterans NW's commitment to partnering was proactive and resulted in a quick resolution of onsite issues.  This commitment minimized impacts to the customer, schedule and government and allowed for a successful project completion ahead of schedule.

—  Mark Burnham, Supervisory General Engineer, NAVFAC NW, PWK Bangor



Veterans NW enjoys longstanding relationships with quality designers.  Our success with design-build delivery is, in large part, because of teammates like Fraser + Fogle Architects and Reid Middleton Engineers, who provide a strong foundation of knowledge and long history of experience with Federal Government design process and standards.

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Veterans NW enjoys long-standing working relationships with a host of Puget Sound area subcontractors and suppliers.  We view these firms as teammates that can be relied upon for responsive and competitive pricing; safe work performance; quality installation, and on-time delivery.

And while we have old friends, we continually look for opportunities to connect with new, qualified subcontractors and suppliers who can help us offer our clients the most competitive and responsive pricing possible.  Our procurement policy requires vendors new to Veterans NW to complete a questionnaire that allows us to verify financial strength as well as safety, quality and schedule performance history.

Veterans NW desires to promote diversity within the Puget Sound construction community.  To that end, we aspire to form strong working relationships with minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned small businesses and to assist them in learning how to be successful in the Federal Government contracting arena.

We thrive on long term relationships and strive not only to find good partners, but also to be a good partner. We believe that managing and supervising our work well, staying on schedule, paying promptly, communicating constantly, and conducting our business fairly is our part of maintaining healthy and mutually beneficial partnerships.



At Veterans NW, teamwork expresses itself in community involvement.  We support local organizations like the SODO Business Improvement Area and Plymouth Housing.  These are community partners who actively work to make our neighborhood and city better for everyone.  Our support and participation with them serves to mutually encourage and remind us of our interdependence on one another.

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