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Expansion Joint Repair Soldier Field House Pool B3236, JBLM, WA


Completion Date


Perform construction repair services and any associated water removal to remove and replace the existing expansion joint materials and remove and replace the existing pool surface bottom and sidewalls. Repairs also include replacement of existing Anti Entrapment Covers. Clean pool surface and repair / fill of cracks. Buff or mechanically polish the interior pool surface. Deep clean all interior pool deck surfaces. Clean and repaint interior walls.

Repair Leaking Walls B774, JBLM, WA


Completion Date


Repair Leaking concrete walls of Building 774, a 10,000 square foot utility space at Joint Base Lewis McChord. The precast concrete wall cracks were repaired with injected epoxy and all surfaces smoothed for appearance. Exterior rustproof metal siding system including rigid insulation was attached to the main section of the building. Special care was taken to match existing colors and to modify exterior attached accessories and penetrations to work with new siding system.

Repair Roof VA Puget Sound Healthcare System


Completion Date


Repair existing roofs on multiple Veterans Administration Health Care buildings at the Seattle campus. Work included demolition and removal of existing roofing, structures and temporarily utility, exhaust fan and other mechanical equipment disconnects and repairing the roofs per the Green Environmental Management System (GEMS). New roofing systems including insulation was installed on flat roofs. The buildings were occupied which required coordination with building managers and attention to noise levels and odor issues due to proximity to air intakes. Enhanced security requirements and coordination were required for access to restricted areas.

Dry Dock 4 - Repair Main Dewatering Pumps and Valves


Completion Date


Overhaul three main dewatering pumps and motors, as well as replacing check and discharge valves, and motor controllers which service Dry Dock 4. Repair/overhaul and restore pumps and motor, included tear down of each system, installing new bearings, impeller and rewind of the motors to achieve sustainable operating conditions allowing continued support of docking activities.

B460 Repair Large Slab Rolling Doors


Completion Date


This project restored operation of four 60-foot tall large slab rolling doors at the west end of Building 460 in the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA) of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Restoring operation to the doors involved retrofitting/restoring the gearboxes; replacing motors, control equipment, and electrical wiring; and providing new enclosures and appurtenances. Audible and visual signaling systems, limit switches and interlocks were installed to facilitate the safe operation of the doors. Deteriorating door panels were restored and painted inside and out. Broken glass panes were replaced. Replacement of aesthetic features adhered to historical restoration requirements.

Replace Boilers 1 & 2 at Steam Plant


Completion Date


Design-Build Replace Boilers 1 and 2 at the Steam Plant, B384 included the design of a new steam system, demolition and removal of two of three 45,000 pounds per hour (pph) (1300 boiler horse power (BHP)) water tube boilers in the central heating plant and installation of two new 20,700 pph (600 BHP) fire tube boilers. Steam service was maintained by the third existing boiler while replacement work was completed. Boiler replacement scope involved structural upgrade of the existing raised concrete floor slab, reconnection of all services, including feedwater, vent piping, fuel piping, and instrumentation.

Upgrade Tunnel D Electrical


Completion Date


Design-build electrical upgrade including installation of new explosion-proof (EP) primary power conduits; conductors; EP electrical panels; EP lighting fixtures and power conduits; and EP power receptacles. Design included photometric study to ensure illumination and uniformity criteria were satisfied. Provided temporary power service to maintain operation of critical fuel tank monitoring system during construction.

Retrofit Infrastructure Electrical Systems


Completion Date


Provided new electrical infrastructure for the SORCC campus including 1,900 LF of new underground ductbank; renovation of historic B231 to house new switchgear; two new 1,500 kW diesel engine generators for emergency power; 750 kW load bank; 1.2 MWDC solar energy electrical power generation system; and automated switchgear with paralleling controls.

Replace 2300 Volt Substations


Completion Date


Provided upgraded electrical inftrastructure to replace three substations at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Provided new transformers, underground electrical distribution, circuit breakers, feeder lines, commissioning of all new equipment items, and associated substation building improvements. Coordinated outages and cut-overs to and from temporary power to facilitate base operations.

Electrical Distribution NHB


Completion Date


Upgrade and replacement of critical electrical infrastructure and life safety system elements including new ATS for existing diesel engine emergency generators; UPS system upgrade for phone and information management systems; electrical load redistribution; critical branch circuit installation; Motor Control Center replacement; PA system upgrade; and FA, exit signage, and emergency pathway lighting upgrades.



Completion Date


Construction of a 12,000 SF Medical Intensive Care/Critical Care Unit in a vacated hospital wing. Facility consisted of 14 patient rooms, 4 isolation rooms, nursing stations, staff conference/break room, administrative offices, and support spaces. Improvements included new mechanical, medical gas, and electrical systems; interior partitions and finishes; service headwalls and booms; and patient lift systems.

HCC Building 4 Noise Reduction


Completion Date


Renovation of the campus' circa 1967 Performing Arts Center including selective demolition and hazmat abatement in support of the installation of new interior partitions, finishes, mechanical and electrical systems, and exterior building envelope systems. The building included an auditorium, soundproof practice rooms, classrooms, and service spaces.

MLA Backlighting


Completion Date


Design-build replacement of an obsolete quartz halogen backlighting system with a new, energy-efficient LED system for the high-security Main Limited Area (MLA). Design work included engineering and photometrics. Provided new electrical infrastructure to support the four mile perimeter protection system. Phased construction to maintain perimeter protection throughout construction.

Replace Playground Surfaces, JBLM, WA


Completion Date


Replace failed or failing rubberized pour-in-place and 24” x 24” rubber tile surfaced at five play areas at various locations around Joint Base Lewis McChord. Playground existing surfaces were demolished and replaced with synthetic grass system with impact attenuation underlayment. Special attention was given to phasing and maintain access to some areas to continue to allow access as well as isolation of the work areas for children safety.

Repair Building Envelope B707, JBLM, WA


Completion Date


Repair Building Envelope J00707 (Historic Building). Repairs consisted of sealing all attic building openings with insulation and sealants. Fabricating and installing covered louvered openings on the Mechanic Room double doors. Installing covers to existing wall openings with galvanized steel sheet and insulation. Installing rigid board insulation in the Mechanical room for improved thermal and noise performance.

Repair AHUs - Building 03096, JBLM, WA


Completion Date


Provided Administrative Building 03096 with a new HVAC heating system consisting of three air-to-air heat pumps and eight variable air volume (VAV) terminal units with electric heat. With a few exceptions, the new equipment and ductwork utilized existing equipment locations and ductwork routing. The new Direct Digital Controls (DDC) were integrated into JBLM’s base-wide DDC system. A phased approach was used to support continuous building use throughout the construction.

Repair Fender Guide Assemblies Pier 37, Seattle, WA


Completion Date


Refurbish Fender Guide Assemblies included removal; disassembly; cleaning, repair, and preparation; recoating; reassembly; and reinstallation of 15 fender guide assemblies at Pier 37. This included the complete replacement of all 30 corrosion damaged fender guide pipes on the 15 assemblies and providing new hardware. Project also replaced the existing 5-foot diameter floating fenders with new 8-foot diameter floating fenders along with providing new associated hardware. Dive work was conducted on Pier 36A to install new exothermically welded cathodic protection on and additional 8 fender guides.

Environmental Monitoring and Control Upgrade VA Puget Sound


Completion Date


Project scope involved upgrading the environmental monitoring systems at an operational animal research laboratory at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System’s Columbian Way Campus. Continuous coordination and communication with research staff ensured minimal disruption to laboratory operations. Advance Lighting Modules and temperature/humidity sensors were replaced in 28 different rooms located in three different buildings. System operation was maintained using the legacy control panel until all ALMs and sensors were installed. A new control panel replaced the legacy control panel and provided enhanced reliability and functionality.

Repair and Replace Stripper Tank System


Completion Date


Repair of the stripper tank system in Building #2547. Replace existing built in tanks, ventilation, fire protection, electrical system, and piping equipment with code compliant equipment and infrastructure. This includes hazardous materials abatement and disposal.

Aviation Battalion Headquarters BNHQ


Completion Date


New construction of an 18,600 SF, 2-story concrete, masonry, and steel headquarters/training facility complete with interior finishes, elevator, radiant hydronic heating, and electrical/low voltage systems. Site development included installation of building power and communication services, extensive site drainage, and concrete and asphalt paving. Achieved LEED Silver certification.

Lighthouse Church Tenant Improvements


Completion Date


Provided pre-construction and construction services for a 7,300 SF tenant improvement to provide administrative offices and multi-use meeting space. Ministry center included a full kitchen complete with induction cooking and Type II hood; sound isolated music/recording room; and a multipurpose meeting room with acoustically-rated folding panel partition wall.

Replace HVAC System NHB


Completion Date


Code-required modification and replacement of 8 air handling units (AHUs), 15 fans, 8 variable air volume (VAV) boxes, and 16 pumps on HVAC systems serving patient care areas and the emergency department. Extensive phasing, infection control, and outage coordination was required to maintain hospital operations.

Sunny View Village


Completion Date


Construction of a new 25,000 SF, 26-unit multifamily affordable housing development consisting of four 2-story buildings of wood frame construction, mechanical and electrical systems, and interior and exterior finishes. Sitework including earthwork, utilities, concrete and asphalt paving, landscaping, and an on-site waste water treatment facility.

SERA Playground & Sprayground


Completion Date


Construction of a public parks facility for Metro Parks Tacoma. Scope included earthwork, domestic water, gravity sanitary sewer and power for construction of a 6,000 SF playground, 5,000 SF sprayground, restroom building, specialty concrete features, colored concrete paving, asphalt paving, irrigation, seeding, and planting.

Refurbish Track & Field


Completion Date


Design-build replacement of existing track and field facility using state-of-the-art, SPRINTURF Ultrablade MX™ synthetic turf over a meticulously prepared subgrade with an extensive subsurface drainage system. Worked with the Navy to resolve cost and time impacts associated with unsuitable soil materials encountered beneath a significant portion of the field.

Replace Fender Piles on West Side Pier B213, Manchester Fuel Depot


Completion Date


Design and replace the existing barge fendering system on the west side trestle of the fuel pier at Manchester Fuel Depot. Existing fendering system was removed with special care to prevent injury or damage to the existing work which remained. A new complete fendering system was installed utilizing 20 driven concrete piles 24 inches (square) and a continuous camel log system and arch fenders. The fuel pier and surrounding mooring area remained operational during construction requiring construction phasing.

Backflow Prevention for Building Isolation


Completion Date


Replaced existing domestic water backflow assemblies at the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle with reduced pressure backflow assemblies at two connections to the supply loop. Design changed the existing below grade backflow assemblies with above grade replacements in insulated enclosures.

Repair CIF Ventilation System, B983, PSNS


Completion Date


Controlled Industrial Facility (CIF) Building 983 demolition of existing structures on the roof including asbestos and hazardous metals remediation. Installation of a new HVAC system including Stainless Steel ductwork and new air handling units, chillers and exhaust fans. A new raised metal structure platform with a protected roof was installed to house all of the HVAC components with the exception of the chillers.

Preparation for Installation of the Instrument Landing System


Completion Date


This design-build project provided preparatory work for the installation of a new Instrument Landing System (ILS). The ILS consists of an antenna system with primary components at two sites (i.e., Glideslope and Localizer) located at opposite ends of the runway. Work at the two sites consisted of removing and disposing of existing antenna equipment and equipment pads; site preparation for new equipment pads; installing underground conduits for power and communications cabling; installing grounding systems; constructing new equipment pads; and paving new access roads. 1,700 LF of underground fiber was installed. 500 LF of power ductbank and three transformers were installed. Airfield markings, signage and installation of new survey monuments for ILS calibrations were also part of the scope this contract.

Repairs of BUMED Facilities, B993


Completion Date


Design-build repairs at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Hospital including: Provision of a new sloped roof structural attic truss over the existing roof of the "Duct House" sheltering multiple electrical conduits. Replace existing roof at the Hospital’s Emergency Management, Linen Inventory, and Mail Room areas. Restore loading dock and construct a ramp providing a warehouse receiving area and emergency egress. Provide three supplemental cooling only units.

Replace Fire Alarm Systems B7000 & B7001 at NBK Bangor


Completion Date


Design-build fire alarm replacement of obsolete fire alarm systems in two industrial manufacturing facilities located in lower base (i.e., higher level security) at NBK Bangor. Designed and installed temporary fire alarm systems to enable disabling the existing systems in their entirety. Coordinated construction with various commands within each facility.

Restore Ventilation NHB B1, Phase II


Completion Date


Code-required modification and replacement of 7 air handling units (AHUs), 1 heating & ventilation (HV) unit, 19 fans, and 14 pumps on HVAC systems serving administrative areas, operating rooms, exam rooms, laboratories, and service areas. Extensive phasing, infection control, and outage coordination was required to maintain hospital operations.

Repair HVAC Periscope Shop


Completion Date


HVAC system upgrade to meet clean room standards. Scope included selective demolition of existing system; installation of new hot/chilled water generating equipment; air distribution ductwork; control systems; equipment support; electrical power and lighting; installation of a new splined panel ceiling and wall repairs; fire protection system revisions; and commissioning.

Repair Boiler Feedwater System


Completion Date


Phased replacement of three existing boiler feedwater pumps with 4-stage, horizontal, specialty pumps; provision of one spare pump; installation of 300 LF of new, seismically-restrained and insulated 8"Ø ductile iron pipe main and reconfigured header pipe main manifold; variable frequency drives and controls; and flow meters.

Energy Conservation, Phase 3


Completion Date


Design-build energy conservation project consisting of a combination of lighting and lighting control strategies; HVAC optimization via use of VFDs and controls; water conservation measures; point-of-use hot water heating; thermal envelope upgrades; weatherization improvements; and infra-red heating in 36 different buildings.

North Reservoir


Completion Date


Construction of a 4 million gallon above-grade, covered steel water reservoir. Scope included high performance coatings, telemetry, steel access stairs and platforms, and protective perimeter fencing. Associated improvements included a remote valve station, over one mile of of fill and main distrtibution piping, and road improvements utilizing pervious asphalt pavement.

Security Alarm Upgrade


Completion Date


Design-build upgrade replacement and integration of legacy Access Control Systems (ACS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) throughout Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor and Bremerton. Scope encompassed networking new ACS and IDS in over 100 different facilities serving over 150 different commands and using the Navy's secure network to connect signals to the Regional Dispatch Center.

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